2013 CUTTY SARK SIN Regatta, Results

Winner of the CUTTY SARK Cup: Bill Allan on "Lawndart" Nanaimo Yacht Club

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Summary Report on Redress Hearing (Full Circle, Sail Number 415) Regarding Race 10 of Melges Division, SIN Regatta 2013

As a result of a request for redress in the Melges Fleet during the SIN regatta, the Melges 24 fleet results will be updated.

The text of the decision reached by the protest committee is as follows.

Committee Members:  Tim Daniel, Greg Keel, Keith Climenhaga

Facts Found:  The Race Committee was unable to determine correct finishing positions for all boats in the division.

Decision and Applicable Rules:  Race 10 is abandoned.  Applicable Rule is 64.2. 

Basis for Decision:  A review of available information (Tack Tracker, submissions from competitors, evidence provided by RC) led to the conclusion that correct finish positions were not recorded, and could not be established by other means, for a substantial number of boats in this race.  The fairest solution for all competitors was to abandon the race.


Results will be updated on the SIN Results page to reflect this decision.


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