Winter Club Workshops

Jan 22-23 classroom seminar and on the water training for race starts and rules.
Feb 5 classroom seminar on sail trim.
Upcoming Sailing Workshops   
For all you sailors seeking more knowledge, we are pleased to announce there will be two seminars coming up in the new year.
The first one is scheduled for 10am, January 22nd (23rd as a backup in case of weather delay) and will cover racing starts and rules by Greg Keel. He will explain both the timing and flags used at the start sequence and a simple explanation of the Racing Rules involved. This will take place in the classroom during the morning, then in the afternoon, an on the water session to practice what we learned will be held.
The second seminar is scheduled for 10am, Feb 5th. Tim Daniel will be doing his presentation on sail trim. This session will benefit any sailor and will explain the effect of all the sail adjustments that can be done on your boat. You will be impressed with the additional performance you can attain by following some of the guidelines learned from this presentation.
Due to possible seating limitations, preregistration is required. Please either email or text me to hold a seat.
Make sure to bring some note paper and your Racing Rules of Sailing Book. If you don’t have one, they are available for purchase in the clubhouse office.
These sessions are of course dependent on the current provincial health rules. We will keep you updated.

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