Single Handed Series 2012

The Single Handed Series was developed in response to skippers who wanted to race but often found it difficult to get regular crew.  Pursuit racing takes place every second Saturday of the month over preset courses, decided at the competitors' meeting at the clubhouse at 10:00 hrs on race day.  It's very popular with the number of boats often exceeding the Sunday crewed series and there are seldom any mutinies.



Race Officer





July 14

Brian Short




Single Handed Championship

July 21

Wayne Gorrie





August 11

Brian Short




September Weekender

September 8

Brian Short





October 20

Brian Short





November 10

Brian Short





December 8

Brian Short




Race Results

July - July 14


A fine day out on the water.  It was so good, it seemed like a lot of the regulars were off for the weekend.  That said, Aeolis, Kaydee B Nahanni and Ion (in starting order), and showed up for a delightful day.  With a good NW wind blowing we decided on the long course around Five fingers and Entrance.  There was some confusion about the course, mostly mine, about rounding Snake Island, or Snake Island Bell Buoy.  The actual course was Gallows, Five Fingers to Stbd; Entrance to Stbd; then back to the harbour (16 NM).  The starting order was kept with Aeolis rounding the Snake Island buoy, and Kaydee B rounding Snake Island, then I believe Nahanni rounded the buoy. 


Same order around Five fingers, then Nahanni dropped out.  Kaydee B caught up to Aeolis just after Entrance but found out the Gabriola hole extends around the north.  Rick wisely headed out and got a good lead until we hit another hole off Gallows.  Final results


Aeolis 14:50

Kaydee B 14:58

Nahanni DNF



I am thinking we can introduce another course from the harbour, Gallows, Snake Buoy to STBD; Entrance to STBD, Snake Buoy to port than back to the harbour.  We currently have course lengths of approximately 8, 10, 11 and 16 miles.  This course would be about 13.5, bridging the gap between the last two and give more variety.  Depending on winds, it could be run in reverse as well.  Any comments?


Enjoy the summer, it’s been a great July for sailing.




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Single Handed Championship - July 21

We actually had a multihull division which worked out great. The sailing conditions were perfect for the Maude course with a SE Breeze that piped up to around 20 kts which with wind against current made for somewhat boisterous conditions. Lots of flotsam to navigate as well.


Results for Single Handed Championship

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August - August 11


The weather seems to be just getting better.  Four boats came out for the great winds (NW 15) and sunshine on Saturday.  The hipster is back on Dragonfly and he started off, with Karl on Towik following (maybe early???) . Bruce on  Kona Java and Brian on Kaydee B started several minutes after.  By the Snake Island buoy, Karl was off into the hinterland, then Dragonfly, Kona Java and Kaydee B.   The last three bunched up and rounded P15 with Kona Java and Kaydee B neck and neck; then Dragonfly.  Kona Java and Kaydee B. were within a few boat lengths until the harbour with the final finishing as:


Towik  13;19 (est)

Kona Java 13:33:00

Kaydee B 13:35:15

Dragonfly DNF


I suspect the following is fake but for a good laugh at the Irish sailing ability click here.


See you next month,





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September Weekender - September 8


With a total of 14 boats participating, we must have set some
sort of new record!  What a great weekend with a little bit for everyone.  Once we got through the usual hubbub about ratings and figured out where the start line is, Dragonfly and Contessa were off to a nice close haul at 11:00, Dragonfly towards Merry Island and Contessa getting some practise in for the Day and A Bit race to Gibson's.  From my vantage point, it looked like an orderly start and the race was underway in a 10 knot NW breeze, sunshine and happy smiles.  On the way over, several boats played chicken
with loaded barges and the barges blinked first.  Optimist decided to get some tacking practise in, but otherwise believe everyone made it across in one tack.  Boomerang managed to get their chute up for a time, until Wayne lost his sunglasses and ran into Kaydee B's shadow.  There were a couple of close results across the line.  The
following is the best known results, but are certainly open to
interpretation.   I believe the placement is correct even if some of the
times might be off.  After the race, each made their way over the north arm of Secret Cove, to hide from Ion who motored over and couldn't find us.  Brad started the race with us but hadn't prepared for the overnight race and turned back.   


North bound (Saturday 11:00 AM start)

Synergy Nigel  14:36:40

Alacrity Tormay ?

GBH  Greg 14:57:00

Cu na Mara Francis 15:05

Boomerang Wayne ??

Optimist Steve ??

Athansor Richard 15:42:00

Kaydee B Brian 15:42:30

Babette Per 16:02

Dragonfly Robert DNF

Starship Duncan DNF

Contessa Ron DNF

Brad DNF

Ion Bill DNS

The group rafted up in Secret Cove and ferried over to Contessa for a good night of 'exquisite cuisine' and bubbly.  The weather report looked like a good gale for Sunday.   The glare of the flashing "pub open" light proved too much for some and a number of boats decided to stay another night.   The rest of us thrashed up to Merry Island to meet the 22 knot SE.   Again, one tack did it all and the six boats whooshed across the strait, some more comfortable than others.  Ion started with full main and jib and crossed in exactly 2 hours to win the 2nd heat.  Skipper's and boats were tested and passed; at least the ones not back in Pender Harbour.  Rumour has it that the outstation is a great place to be and next year might be part of the race somehow.

South Bound (Sunday  10:00 am start)

Ion Bill 12:38 :00
Kaydee B Brian 13:06:00
Babette Per 13:30:30
Starship Duncan 13:30:00
Contessa Ron 13:58:00 
Dragonfly Robert 14:00:00
Brad DNS

Synergy Nigel AWOL
Alacrity Tormay AWOL
Boomerang Wayne AWOL
Optimist Steve AWOL Instigator
Cuna mara Francis AWOL
Athansor Richard AWOL

Another successful single handed event with great participation.  I think we will make the 2nd weekend in September a permanent date for the overnight race; it seems to work well with the short pause between the cruising and racing season.  

Please send your comments or corrected positions directly to me at or call me 250-618-4846.  Also forward any pictures you might have.




September Weekender Photos

Single Handed Series 2012: September Weekender: Preparing the boat while heading out to the start line

Preparing the boat while heading out to the start line

Single Handed Series 2012: September Weekender: Post race festivities in Secret Cove

Post race festivities in Secret Cove

Single Handed Series 2012: September Weekender: Pender Harbour is great place to wait for better weather

Pender Harbour is great place to wait for better weather

Single Handed Series 2012: September Weekender: Gooooood morning!

Gooooood morning!

Single Handed Series 2012: September Weekender: Another happy camper!

Another happy camper!

Single Handed Series 2012: September Weekender: Waited too long... no wind for the return voyage

Waited too long... no wind for the return voyage

Single Handed Series 2012: September Weekender: Keen concentration even while motoring

Keen concentration even while motoring


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October - October 20


It was a dubious start as it looked like only 3 boats would be out, then Rick came to his senses, and Karl (double handed) joined in as well so 5 headed out into the SE wind with rain threatening.  At Gallows it was Dragonfly, Aeolis, Babette, Towik and Kaydee B in an almost South wind

By the Snake Island Bell Buoy , Aeolis  was in the lead, then Towik, Dragonfly, Babette, and Kaydee B. but the pack had closed up considerably.  As we ran down to P15, the wind picked up and fortunes changed a bit.  TOWIK, Aeolis, were neck and neck with Kaydee B. closing in. 

Dragonfly and Babette rounded next.  The wind increased further into the low 20s and Dragonfly and Aeolis dropped out with equipment concerns.  That left Towik and Kaydee B to battle it out for a close finish (45 seconds apart) with Babette coming in later.  Despite the ominous forecast, our boats were mostly dry and we even had a little sunshine; a delightful surprise. 


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November - November 10

What a great day to be on the water!  We could not have asked for a sunnier, warmer day in November.   The only thing that could have been improved...would have been for a little more of a breeze.

Seven enthusiastic single handed Saturday sailors decided on a on Boomerang race to include Snake island, P15, and Five Fingers.  Start line was to be Gallows Point.   Aeolus, Babette, Cu na Mara, Dragon Fly, Electra, Great Blue Heron, and Shaheen lined up and drifted with the current while struggling to find that elusive puff of wind.  Shaheen and Electra get the honors for the first to cross the start line.  Cu na Mara, GB Heron, and Aeolus chose a course close to Protection Island.  The others chose to follow the little wind puffs along the Nanaimo River side.  Electra managed to make headway while negotiating the shallows and pulled ahead of Shaheen.   Babette and Dragon Fly fell behind.  Meanwhile, Cu na Mara was pulling ahead and was the closest to Snake Island when time was called for the Boomerang.   

The return run to Gallows included a light but consistent wind.  Dragon Fly was first to cross the finish line.   Babette managed to squeak ahead of Aeolus, who was charging fast using his specially configured spinnaker pole.  GB Heron was close behind, followed by Electra and Shaheen.  Cu na Mara was last to cross, but needs to be recognized for traveling the greatest distance in the race.

The day was capped off with a drink and conversation at the Dinghy Dock.  Learned about course tracking, discussed the latest on ocean races, and was updated on current boats for sale.
Again, a great day.  No nicer way to spend a Saturday in November.

Replay the day's action with TackTracker.

See you next month.  December 8th.


November Photos

Single Handed Series 2012: November: Light winds at the start prevailed throughout the race making it a struggle to get half way to Snake Bell Buoy

Light winds at the start prevailed throughout the race making it a struggle to get half way to Snake Bell Buoy


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December - December 8

Seven boats showed up today for the 4S race and were rewarded with sunny skies for the most part. Although a bit more wind would have been nice the fleet managed to work its way around Snake Bell Buoy, P15, and return via Snake Bell Buoy and Gallows, to finish in the harbour in time to meet at the Dinghy Dock. Although only 4 tracks were recorded (Runaway Girl doesn't seem to want to document her win) you can see when the wind did pick up a bit on the first leg out.

The finish order was:
Runaway Girl
Cu na Mara
Kaydee B
Thanks to Greg Keel for cleaning up the tracks and getting them out so quickly despite not being able to partake in today's fun.
Replay the day's action on TackTracker.


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