Single Handed Champions 2017

Race Duty Officer: Keith Climenhaga



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April 8 4S

April 8

Per Kristensen




Single Handed Championship 2017

July 22

Keith Climenhaga




Race Results

April 8 4S - April 8

Three brave Singlehanded Sailors took to their boats for the monthly Second Saturday Single Handed Sailors event on Saturday, April 8th..  They were up early and ready for anything following the heavy winds on Friday.   The chosen course was 'B' - 5 Fingers, Snake Island, Bell buoy, and Home.   As the event started, the winds dropped to a comfortable 10-15 kts and only a slight bit of rain fell.  All had a great sail!
Order of finish was Aeolus (Rick Saunders) with Sea Lion (Ken Lott) close behind and then Dragonfly (Robert Sheeley).
Golf Handicapping is being used this year, so Dragonfly will go up a little on the ratings.


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Single Handed Championship 2017 - July 22

On Saturday July 22, Seven sailors presented for the NYC Single Handed Championships.  A shorter than traditional race was decided on at the Participants meeting and all went to prepare the boats for the race.   Per on Babette had to withdraw from the race prior to starting due to a main halyard parting leaving race to 5 boats and the RC (who joined the race after running the start)  to contest the race.   The better than expected winds and the shorter course proved on the first downwind leg that the efforts of setting a spinnaker as a solo effort was of no benefit.  Congratulation to Greg Keel on his Trimaran Dream Chaser for both line honors and best corrected time.  


Results for Single Handed Championship 2017

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