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Jack & Jill Race 2013 October 12

The Jack and Jill Race this year saw 13 boats officially register, including 2 from out of town, and 1 boat shadow the fleet racing over to Gibson's Landing on Saturday and back on Sunday.  Conditions differed greatly between the 2 days.

On Saturday great winds from the north had everyone fully powered up once they rounded Gallows Point, making it difficult to catch, let alone pass any boats that had started earlier as this is a pursuit format.  It was a quick crossing for everyone, most setting personal record times, with finishes between multiple boats to close to call both on the water and even with GPS tracks.  Regardless of their finishing position everyone agreed it was a great day to be out on the water.  The only downside of arriving early was many participants looked a little lost not knowing what to do with so much free time in Gibson's.  Dinner that night was at Leo's Taverna which has always been a great way to finish off the 1st day in the Jack and Jill Race.  The evening wrapped up for a number of us on Ion where the competitions continued with a game of Wizards, with Nigel emerging as the Grand Poobah of the Fleet.

The next day's conditions made it obvious early on that it was going to be the type of race we usually seem to get heading back to Nanaimo; a battle to make it back without needing the Iron Jenny.  Boats that chose heading North were able to find more consistent breeze and started to pull ahead of the rest of the fleet.  Unfortunately it wasn't enough and other than the multihull "Not Boomerang" the lead monohull rounded Gallow's Point at 16:00, the cutoff time, just 10 minutes short of the finish line.

Back at the Nanaimo Yacht Club bar everyone gathered to celebrate another fabulous weekend of sailing in the Jack and Jill Race.

Hope you will join us next year!


Race Documents

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  • Final Results | Click for PDF

    Official Results from 2013 Jack and Jill Race.

    Saturday's finish order turned out to be the final standings tor this year's Jack and Jill Race as no boats were able to complete the race back to Nanaimo, other than Not Boomerang.  

    The "woulda, coulda, shoulda' results stirred up a lively discussion in the Nanaimo Clubhouse afterwoods.

    Bottom line is that everyone had a great weekend on the water.

    "Never let the results get in the way of a good sai! "


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