Fall Series 2012

Just as the end of summer tends to get life back to normal with school and work once again dictating people's daily schedules, racing resumes at the Nanaimo Yacht Club with the start of the Fall Series.  Although the schedule is somewhat scattered due to various regatta and other races we still mangae to squeeze in 5 race dates by thetime the NYC Xmas Sail Past rolls around in early December.



Race Officer




Race Day 1.

September 16

Ken Lott




Race Day 2

September 30

Greg Keel




Race Day 3

October 28

George Bishop




Race Day 4

November 18

Mark Pearce




Race Day 5

December 2

Ludek Sotula




Race Results

Race Day 1. - September 16

The first Fall-Series race got off to a rip-roaring start with unseasonably high temperatures in the mid 20s.  Big Wave Dave took the forecast honours over Environment Canada by correctly predicting a solid 15 knot warm-breeze day.  There were enough boats for the formation of two divisions in the series, and RC Ken Lott and his Sealioneers got proceedings off promptly with a W-L to Jack Point via P15 marks to port and then finish.  Division 1 was comprised of boats rating 150 and faster, while the slower boats comprised Division 2.

It was a wet beat aboard Ruckus in Division 2 with a few minor gremlins to sort out (not least the foredeck crew who was totally out of his element, usually handling nothing more than a tiller).  Cu Na Mara had some minor equipment failure, but it was enough to retire her from the proceedings, and the foredeck on Tantivy 2 was suffering from flu-like symptoms.  However, Dilliagaf led both divisions around the course, with The Lounge, GBH (which BTW means Grievous Bodily Harm in the courts of the UK!) keeping Ruckus honest all the way around in Div 2. 

The second race was a repeat of the first for both divisions in course, conditions, and results, except for Ruckus forcing GBH to abort her pin-end start and then promptly drawing an individual recall flag for her sins... 

Race three for both divisions was a close reach to the Snake Island Bell Buoy followed by a reach to Gallows and a beat back into the harbour.  In Div 1, Dilligaf was given a run for her money by Ion for much of the first two legs, eking out a boat for boat win to complete her trio of bullets for the day’s racing.  In Div 2, GBH beat up on Ruckus and snatched what would have been a perfect debut hayrick by correcting over a minute above her.  What’s in a name, eh?:)

All in all it was a great start to the FS with RC giving the crews three races.  In the first two races, the fastest boats finished in just under an hour and twenty minutes; in fact, DILLIGAF sailed so consistently over those first two races, that her two finish times where within 20s of each other! 

After three races, most boats were finished shortly after 3pm, which was perfect. 

Variety is the spice of life, so expect some longer races in the upcoming race days...

Pictures are courtesy of Tom North and RC boat.

Paul Nixon


Results for Race Day 1.

Race Day 1. Photos

Fall Series 2012: Race Day 1.

Fall Series 2012: Race Day 1.

Fall Series 2012: Race Day 1.


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Race Day 2 - September 30


What a great early fall day for sailing. Tantivy drifted around the start area without engine and sails  for a least a half an hour, crew basking in the warm sun watching the RC try and guess when and from where the wind would come. BWD had promised 15 from NW all morning –nada! Finally the  breeze built from NNW and  both Divisions started for Snake Island Bouy return. After a reasonable start Tantivy opted for the NW side of course and with better pressure worked up to lead boat by a fair margin 2/3rds of the way to Snake. At that point for reasons none of us could figure we headed to east side of course to a hole with the rest of the fleet crossing to the NW side where the breeze was still building . Tantivy blew its lead and followed Cu na Mara, Dilligaf, Alacrity and The Lounge around the mark. A pleasant spinnaker reach did not change boat positions much.  In Div 1 Dilligaf corrected a couple minutes ahead of Cu na Mara. In Div 2 Nigel sailing his T-Bird masterfully, corrected to first with The Lounge in second spot 25 seconds behind. Tantivy was third, 4 minutes behind The Lounge.   It is interesting to note the first 3 boats in Div 2 corrected  ahead of the all the Div 1 boats sailing the same course with a common start.
Race 2 had the Div 1 boats going out and  around Five Fingers and back to the start in a pleasant 10 knot breeze while the Div 2 boats had a short windward leg then another pleasant spinnaker run to a lee mark off Gallows Point. The writer ( Div 2)  did not see what happened in Div 1 race  and was actually back in the harbour having a relaxing beer in the sun long before Div 1 boats finished. Posted results show Dilligaf corrected about 11 minutes ahead of Cu na Mara. This victory makes it 5 firsts for Dilligaf and shows that she also goes well in winds less than than 15 to 20.
Div 2 had a another pleasant start with The Lounge a bit early at the line allowing Tantivy to roll her and control the race to the windward mark. After a close spinnaker run to Gallows, Tantivy completed the beat back  to cross the finish line first. However the ever fast Alacrity  corrected a minute ahead of Tantivy leaving her second, ahead of The Lounge by about a minute. Dragonfly without a chute got to spend even more time enjoying the near perfect day for a club race.
The Tantivy Crew commends the race committee for the courses selected and allowing the crews to have a couple of fun races, a pleasant sail home allowing  crew to drive,  a relaxing cleanup and get home in lots of time for dinner and having enough energy left to cut the grass or what ever.
Thats how the skipper of Tantivy saw the day. 


Results for Race Day 2

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Race Day 3 - October 28

To say it was a slow day for sailing would be an understatement. Low overcast and a light South wind greeted the race committee as they went out to set the marks. By the time the committee boat was anchored the little wind there was had quit. The skiff was launched in search of a breeze and went as far as Pipers and Five Fingers to no avail. We waited it out with one false start around 11:30 then getting the one and only race going at 12:20.


Great Blue Heron led the fleet around the upwind mark and then a funny thing happened. Sea Lion and Runaway Girl started heading toward Snake Island, we thought they may have received a little mis communication on the course but it turned out to be a wrap in Sea Lion’s spinnaker that they had to clear. As it turns out, the snafu took them in the right direction as the majority of the fleet sailed into lighter conditions closer to shore. Presumably, Runaway Girl knew this would happen and followed Sea Lion out to right.


Rounding P15 seemed to take forever, but slowly all boats rounded and headed back to the finish line with the last crossing with just minutes to spare before a time cutoff.


A second race was about to get underway when the 3 knot (gusting to 5) quit and it was decided to finish a beautiful day on the water with a beer at the bar.


Replay the day's action with TackTracker.


Results for Race Day 3

Race Day 3 Photos

Fall Series 2012: Race Day 3: Race Committee

Race Committee

Fall Series 2012: Race Day 3

Fall Series 2012: Race Day 3: Waiting for the wind to start so we can start

Waiting for the wind to start so we can start

Fall Series 2012: Race Day 3: Light winds wouldn't open the chute fully

Light winds wouldn't open the chute fully

Fall Series 2012: Race Day 3: Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron


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Race Day 4 - November 18

Fall Race Day 4 had a diminished fleet due to the combined effects of the CFL Western Finals and a forecast of strong winds. Both fleets raced the same course with a downwind harbour start (pin was the cardial buoy Ps) with the first mark 

being P12 (channel marker South end of Newcastle Island), then around P4 (Gallows Pt), and out to P2 (Snake Bell Buoy), then P15, back to P4 and a finish off the NYC docks...just a hair under 10nm. Somewhat of a lesson in offical buoy identification in the Nanaimo area!

Great Blue Heron won the start with Dilligaf proving on the first leg that a spinnaker with a twist is still faster than white sails. All boats managed to round both P2 and P15 prior to the winds picking up above the 20 knot range. Dilligaf lost the lead with some sail handling problems when reefing and ION showing that she likes heavier wind (see video below on the leg to P15). 

All boats managed to finish before the rain started and enjoyed the warmness of the chilli served up in the lounge.  
Check out the day's action on TackTracker and see who made better decisions.
A video of some of the day's action from Ion has been posted on FaceBook.  


Results for Race Day 4

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Race Day 5 - December 2

Any day is a great day to be out on the water but when you consider the fact that it is December in Canada and we had wind and sun you have to count your lucky stars.  Light to moderate winds were enough to get two races in well ahead of the setting sun.  Strong river current from the previous few days heavy rain made it especially interesting at the first mark.

You can replay the action from both races by checking out TackTracker.


Results for Race Day 5

Race Day 5 Photos

Fall Series 2012: Race Day 5: Looks like Courtney has things under control

Looks like Courtney has things under control

Fall Series 2012: Race Day 5: Runaway Girl has learned quickly it's always best to take photos of other boats spinnakers from in front.

Runaway Girl has learned quickly it's always best to take photos of other boats spinnakers from in front.

Fall Series 2012: Race Day 5: Happy crew

Happy crew

Fall Series 2012: Race Day 5: Master trimmer Richard

Master trimmer Richard

Fall Series 2012: Race Day 5: BIG Red Spinnaker on Ion

BIG Red Spinnaker on Ion


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