Day and a Bit Race 2018

The annual NYC Day-and-a-Bit race, from Nanaimo to Gibsons Landing was held on June 16-17.  It was a wonderful weekend, with good winds both days and an entertaining dinner at Gibsons.

The race is a pursuit format, with the slower boats starting first, such that all boats should reach the finish line at the same time. 

At Saturday’s start, the winds were blowing 28 kts.  Brigand II (Kevin Anderson) was scheduled to depart the start line first at 9:00 a.m. but encountered sail problems and did not cross the start line until 9:10.   Babette (Per Kristensen), second across the line, was challenged by the wind gusts in the outer harbour.  Following Breeze (Garry Wilson), third to cross, also had mainsail problems at the beginning of the race and completed the full course under genoa alone.

Once out of harbour, the fleet settled into a nice reach across the Strait to Gibsons.  Brigand II maintained her lead and crossed the finish line 5 minutes ahead of Sea Lion (Ken Lott).  Sea Lion was very happy with their crossing time of just over 3 hours.

The Gibsons Jazz festival sounds greeted the fleet as we entered the Gibsons harbour.  The crossing was so quick that skippers and crew had time to enjoy the festival in the afternoon.

The group met at Leo’s Tapas Saturday evening for dinner and exchanged stories about the crossing.

The return race on Sunday was similar to Saturday.  Beautiful warm sunshine and the winds continued from the NW.  Wind at the start line was 12 kts.  This steadily increased to 20-22 kts as the fleet approached Nanaimo.  Sea Lion was first to cross the line, with Following Breeze 4 minutes behind.

There was a beer (or two) to celebrate afterwards.  Sea Lion took top honours for the weekend, with a first and second place.  Brigand II placed second, and Following Breeze was third overall.

The race prize, a complete mainsail or jib snorkel cover was very generously donated by Lohmann Sails.  Sea Lion was the lucky winner.  Second and third place awards will be given at the annual year end race meeting.

Congratulations to all the participants and a big Thank You to Lohmann Sails for their sponsorship and prize.


Respectfully submitted.
Per Kristensen
2018 June 18

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