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Day & A Bit Race July 14: Click to view race results

The 2013 Day & A Bit race was postponed until mid July to avoid conflicting with the VI360 this year...but that didn't stop 15 boats from entering this annual fun event.  There was a mix of singlehanders, doublehanders, and a few with 3 or 4 crew. The skipper's meeting was bright and early on Saturday morning, and everybody picked-up their start times and headed-out onto the water.  There was a decent NW breeze funneling down the channel, and this helped boats get away on the first leg to the tip of Protection, then alter course for Gibsons.  Around the tip of Gabriola the breeze freshened, and a few boats reefed...only to have the breeze die quickly afterwards (surprised?).  There was quite a dramatic accordian compression of the fleet as everyone ran-into the no-wind-zone.  Great Blue Heron hopscotched the cat's paws and zephyr seams using her "big white" A-sail to crawl to the beach where there was better pressure (start of the inflow), and gybed across the fleet to finish first.  Second wasSynergy followed by Runaway Girl and Cu na Mara (first of the singlehanders), and 5th was Freewind, the first of the "away" boats (from SCYC). All boats except one finished before the 5:00pm cutoff. There was time to relax and enjoy the Gibson docks before we met at Leo's for a Greek dinner.

Sunday morning start times were set back 1hr, then away we went again! The weather forecasts missed-it again...instead of a steady NW breeze we got a short time with fading, sporatic breeze, and a lot of time with almost nothing.  Several boats motored early, but patience finally paid-off with the promised NW breeze finally arriving mid-afternoon.  Soon we were all doing hull speed+, and waterline was the ticket!  Cu na Mara slid-along nicely on her Southern route (nice lift!) and skimmed-by the outside of Entrance Island to arrive off Gabriola in front of Synergy.  Optimist (another singlehander), squeezed in front of Great Blue Heron with a bone between her teeth.  There was an obstacle on course as a tug and log boom was sitting at the corner of Protection, and the racers had to decide which way around.  At the finish line it was Cu na Mara followed by Synergy and then Optimist with Great Blue Heron breathing up his transom. It was interesting to see the 2 SCYC boats beating into the harbour, throwing tight covering tacks on top of each other!
The NYC bar was the spot to be to relax and catch our breath, and enjoy a drink and hamburger.  Results were tabulated and announced, with Synergy placing first overall with 4 total points...congratulations to Elaine and Nigel...a nice reward for all the recent work done on the boat!  Next was 2 boats tied with 5 points: Cu na Mara and Great Blue Heron.  The initial look at time differences showed them still tied...amazingly (17 minutes difference both days) the tie-breaker falls-back to the best recent results, and this gives 2nd place to Cu na Mara and 3rd to Great Blue Heron.  A later look at the GPS tracks resolved the exact time differences, and this was in Cu na Mara's favour by about 40 seconds.  Well done...and Francis on Cu na Mara was also the first singlehander as well!  
In a fun event such as this there are always some interesting stories...and this year included a first crossing of the Strait by Kevin and Lorraine on Brigand II, a Coast 34 cruiser.  They had some mechanical issues to deal with, but they were both smiling all weekend long!

Also...and to many the most important of the whole weekend...the random draw for the grand prize went to Optimist ! This is for a custom mainsail cover from Lohmann Sails and Covers...long time sponsors of NYC's Day and a Bit race.  See you next year...

Photos can be viewed in Flickr.

Full race results can be found in the documents listed below.

Both days of the race have been published on TackTracker although only 5-6 of the 15 boats tracks were recorded properly.  Replay the action here:


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