Nanaimo Yacht Club Dinghy Racing Program

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Mission of the Race Team

A chance to have fun with a purpose!
The Dinghy Sailing Team is an opportunity for individuals to be introduced to the life long sport of sailing. As a sailing team rather than a summer class, sailors will be exposed to all aspects of the sport such as mental training, physical fitness, and competition. One of the main motivators to attend a program like this is to learn new sailing skills and to enjoy being on the water. The Nanaimo Yacht Club Dinghy Sailing Team is meant to be fun and recreational first and foremost.

Developmental Race Team

Athletes: 8-18 year olds with little or no racing experience, but a strong desire to sail fast.

  • Focus is on boat handling and racing skills.
  • Ideal for enthusiastic youth sailors with little racing experience.
  • Participants may expect to take part in local and BC Sailing Circuit events.

Boat Class Description

Club 420 Class
A two person dinghy that has three sails and is raced all over North America. It is 13’9”in lenghth and weighs approximately 230lbs. It has trapeze, spinnaker, it will hydroplane, and it is a great junior racing boat that leads to the Olympic Class 470. The Club 420 is a great social boat. It develops teamwork and is a growing class in BC.

Visit the 420 Class Website (opens in new window)

Optimist Class
The International Optimist dinghy is a 7 1/2 foot long pram with a small sprit sail rig. It is a safe stable little singlehanded boat ideally suited to young sailors up to 130 lb. Weighing about 70 lbs, the boats are easily car topped. The Optimist is easy to sail but difficult to sail fast. This boat is an excellent entry into competitive sailing as there are large local and worldwide fleets and sailors of all ability levels can enjoy the boat.

Visit the Optimist Class Website (opens in new window)