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Welcome to sailing in the beautiful waters lapping our shoreline city. Whether you are wanting to enjoy one of the many getaway spots around Nanaimo's local waters or hoping to challenge your skills at a competitive pace by racing, Nanaimo's Yacht Club has it all.

Nanaimo Yacht Club is within easy reach of the Gulf Islands, the Sunshine Coast, and Desolation Sound. For local sailors, even the coves and small islands are a nice place to go to for the day. Snake Island, just off of Newcastle Island's eastern shore, is a great spot to set anchor and explore its beaches. The water is perfect for swimming and perhaps a bump in with the local seals that love to sunbathe close by. This being only one of the many spots to sail to provide visiting sailors with exploration only a few minutes away from downtown Nanaimo while visiting the yacht club's marina.

If leisurely sailing isn't up to speed for you and competition is higher on the agenda, Nanaimo Yacht Club holds regular series racing from September through to June. The summer months are spent visiting the local regattas within a few hours sail and enjoying a friendly chase around the inner harbour on Wednesday evenings. Competitors are fierce on the course but friendly off the course, willing to share a few drinks in the upstairs bar of the yacht club after every race.

There's no doubt that anyone will find plenty to do within the yacht club's reach of the downtown area or the waters around their friendly shores.


View the Whisky Gulf (WG) Hazardous Area as defined by the Department of National Defence.